Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 9 Subbed

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 9 Subbed

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  • bxdri


  • bxdri

    1 day and 4 hours…. ugh 🙁

    • Reibu-Kun


  • ɢεησx̷үゞ黎

    8 Hours and 56 mins. Seriously -_- .

    • ɢεησx̷үゞ黎

      1 Hour -_-

      • Kashish Chopra

        36 min -_-

        • Saku Hařuuno

          24 mins

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          • Shook

            2 days ago

          • Shy_Thing

            6 mins

          • Bby gurl

            10 minutes

      • no u

        8 min

  • xXLance_T20Xx

    7 Hours and 3 Minutes.

  • Partho Sen

    Just 5 and a half hours!

  • Zerlan Aslor

    11:00pm PH

  • Lord Tachanka

    4 hours :I

  • Erick Hasbun

    2 hours and 35 minutes

  • Eaturmumsas

    2 hours and 13 minutes..

  • Zalven S Dayao

    does time machine exist?

  • NatsuDragneel

    I can’t wait

  • NatsuDragneel

    I wish that this ep will be fine,,

  • Shy_Thing

    Cmon 30 more minutes

  • Wira Pratama

    i know this kaneki has back omg !!!!!!!

  • Sorc Skor

    25 minutes left LET’S GO!

  • Dylan Haslam

    Guys let’s be honest they are dragging the series out, spend an hour on the manga u would be already up to this point

    • Wha pa ma

      Actually, this is at chapter 41~42, if you notice we are at episode 9. So I think they actually running with the series, rather than dragging out

  • Erick Hasbun

    1560 seconds left or you can say 26 minutes

  • Zubayer Ahmad

    where can i watch the ep after the countdown

    • Otaku

      here. just refresh the page

  • Aki

    9 minutes yikess

    • Kaneki

      mine says 9mins but im watching the video XD

      • Aki

        ye same now

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  • Shy_Thing

    Ay its up

  • Erick Hasbun

    Run run run run run

  • Bryan Lumapay

    Need 4 Speed Most Wanted (Intro) haha Tsukiyama

  • oof lord

    oof first

    • Aki

      nah your not

  • Eric Dowling

    Does anybidy feel like Perriot is doing the best they can or am i the only one going team Perriot here?

    • Aki

      I like that they are actually following the manga this time.

      • Eric Dowling

        Yea everybody wanted the strict script anime right

        • Aki

          well season 2 was nothing like the manga i mean im fine as long as the include the big parts.

          • Eric Dowling

            Yeah season 2 is what everyone whined about which i think is a ultimate factor of why Re is feeling a bit dry

          • Eric Dowling

            I think Perriot is afraid they will lose their fans if they make it their own by putting too much of a twist on it

          • Aki

            yea because season 2 was a disaster for those who read the manga

          • Eric Dowling

            I agree i am not a Manga Reader have friends who read it tho so i understand the frustrations especially being a song writer myself itd be like someone changing my lyrics

    • xaneki

      pierrot is doing the best they can but i still hate the way they animate smh so stiff

  • Wira Pratama

    omg episode 10 kaneki has back

    • Roxboy550


      • Infrared

        Actually we might see his return at the end of episode 10, maybe.

  • BMK03

    it is a good episode, better then the previous one.

  • Aki


  • Cherry

    21:19 OUCH

  • Eric Dowling

    Its almost impossible to make an exact replica of something especially a Masterpiece such as the TG Manga ,, cause i mean we all saw the movie TG right?? the Anime was way closer to the manga than the movie .
    I think Perriot is doing their absolute best
    I think they are really trying to keep TG fans by satisfying their wants of strictscript anime
    Since every body lost their minds during the 2nd season due to loose script and a few really tragic deaths thT werent introduced in the manga so i think these guys are honestly salty with how unhappy evryone is with them # the people asked for it strict script.
    — No one should even have to ask or mention why the anime this round is so stiff and not as fluid and in my opinion i eish there was more emotional fillers

  • sebastianseb

    What manga chapter does this ep line up with?

    • Wha pa ma

      Around 41-42 I think

  • Reha Ermetin

    That was a really boring episode… Disappointment

    • Aki


  • Aki

    amon is back :3

  • Aki


  • @TheCrimsonFuckr

    Oh shit, it’s Amon

  • Roxboy550

    Can’t wait for ep 11 or 12…when he transform into black reaper

    • Freesia

      SAAAMEEE hes my fave

    • Aki

      black reaper is best kaneki

    • Bungee Gamer

      Did you just had to spoil it for us? Well…, it can’t be helped (i)considering how excited you are about kaneki being transformed into black reaper And (ii) Secondly ep. 11 and 12 is just right about the corner, so knowing about this ‘black reaper’ thingy take too long.

    • Johnny Gaming

      Wait soo when exactly is Kanekis presonality going to take upper hand again ? Someone please reply cause i really like him and its kinda tearing me apart not seing what is with Touka and others and also not being able to see Kaneki himself again.

      • landon s

        I don’t think kaneki is coming back but that’s my opinion

        • Aftab Mohammed

          lol do u even read the manga? don’t talk shit if u don’t know

          • Derton

            “I don’t think kaneki is coming back but that’s my opinion” ……….. “But that’s my opinion”…… “don’t talk shit if u dont know”………….. One of these people is talking shit and one of them is posting their opinion, If only I read the manga I would know which is which. :/

        • devil walker

          he will and he wall be awesome 11-12 thats when he will come back

      • Legs000

        *Possible SPOILER* The impending Rose fight puts Haise in enough danger that Kaneki takes over. I’m estimating anime episodes 11 and 12

      • Quin Baldago

        oh yes, im expecting more EPISODES. HYPEEEEEE

    • Legs000

      Black Reaper is a brutal guy

  • Freesia

    i hate you studio peirrot bc we didnt get to see haise’s abs animated😞😢(this is a joke lol no hate for anyone)

  • oof lord

    Have to wait a whole week ;-;

  • NatsuDragneel

    I think master shu will be the way that kaneki will remember his memories.I just dont understand Master shu.But anyways who is the person who save saiko?And why did he save?

    • Wha pa ma

      He was an investigator from s1,2 probably (not 100% confirmed)

      • Vasilije

        It is confirmed, however, it’s a pretty big spoiler xd

      • Tato

        But Amon is dead I think

        • Aki

          he isn’t

        • Tetris

          Did he? He was just missing bro

        • Legs000

          Amon had his arm taken but refused to die because that would have made Gantai aka Kaneki a murderer

      • Aki

        It is amon, it is confirmed.

    • Big Chill

      The person who saved Saiko was Fropy.

  • Infrared

    We’re getting close to the peak of re.

  • Linx

    for a fully outsource ep they did a good job for this ep.. the art quality and some animation are a lot better than the usual.. also cant wait to see some, “oof so boring ep, another Filler ep” “when is Kaneki gonna come back?” comments

  • Jose

    I really wanted to see them wearing masks and what uta would come up with

    • Aki

      you’ll see soon

  • NatsuDragneel

    I want season 2 coz its more intense.How many ep will we wait until season 3 ep will have intense ep.

    • Talha Haidery

      Season 2 was trash it didnt follow the manga, the story was all over the place, and more importnatly Tokyo ghoul isn’t a battle shonen. It doesn’t focus on big flashy fights, but rather focuses on story building, character developement, ect. However, when there are fights in the series it is worth the wait because the build up to it is amazing. So, just be patient and enjoy the story.

  • Shaheer eJaz

    Did I saw kaneki? Will kaneki gey his memories back in next episode??

    • Nazar

      If they follow the Manga, then he will get his memories later. Like way later

      • Talha Haidery

        Not really, in like 2 or 3 more episodes we will have black reaper, and he has kaneki’s memories.



  • Nazar

    OMG! Barely anything has happened so far. We are not even 50 chapters in and the series is nearly finished.

    • Aki

      There will be another 12 eps in october

      • Nazar

        Well, thats awesome then

  • JustAnotherFan97

    The racing car sound as Tsukiyama passes through the hallway on his wheelchair

    • KingCrow78

      Dude what chapters are put into this episode so I can keep track.

      • JustAnotherFan97

        Between 38 and 41 I think.

    • silver

      At that point it most likely is xD

  • Vasilije

    So, the anime is at chapter 41 atm, and in chapter 53 Kaneki comes back, so Kaneki may be back in 2-3 episodes *-*

  • Aki

    Yes it is amon, yes he is alive and guess who rescued amon? hide :3 :3

  • Gaurav R.C

    tsukiyama’s disguise is as bad as team rocket’s.

    • eatabrick


    • nathanfandan

      He even looks like James from team rocket

    • roronoa zoro

      he took inspiration from their disguise maybe lol

  • XYandere_BoyX


  • Cristino Silva

    I liked how this all went , this episode showed a lot of things that we will be solving or seeing in future episodes , eh ignore this comment if you want but it’s a theory that I have anyways ,eh this comment is trash idk why I’m even writings This

  • Cristino Silva

    Also, I liled haise idea of making maks to act like ghouls

  • Tetris

    Ah,this parts of RE are surely boring,but skipping it would make a hole in the later parts. That’s why people need to be patient. The next season must be more intense. I just want to see all of the fight scenes that were hard to read in manga version. And i’m also looking forward to watch the anime version of chapter 125 hahaha

    • Talha Haidery

      I love story development, building the characters for the big moments. Thank god thay are following the manga.

      • Legs000

        I agree. Not boring for me, I like knowing the backstories

    • KingCrow78

      Lol I would love to see how they do chapter 125 too.

  • Kahlil Alexander
  • eric5

    gebort gluraratch 10:53

  • Malik Wiltz

    Will this season be like the first season

    • Aki


  • sawako

    OMMMg that guy in black has yellow hair, WHAT IF HE IS HIDE? OMGG

    • Aki

      it’s not big spoiler: hide is alive, but he is called “scarecrow”

    • xaneki

      he literally had black hair and it was amon

    • Cri cri anime

      I think it’s just the lighting, I’ve read the manga, not going to spoil but I can tell you he is not, considering hide’s build it’s not possible


    When will they make kaneki come back I’m fed up of waiting uugghh

    • Aki

      like in 2 episodes

      • Talha Haidery

        Black Reaper best Kaneki

        • Aki

          yes indeed ;w;

  • Aki

    tokyo ghoul lesson: the character is most likely not dead unless you SEE their dead body

  • Chainsaw

    The season ends in ep 12
    The next season comes in october.

    • Aki

      well its apart of the same season

  • Daniel Garbunov

    you can see at 23:40 next episode teaser hes hair got all white

    • XxxtenKiller

      prolly means he’s coming back soon. Our Kaneki Kan is coming back😍

  • Slayer

    What manga chapter(s) does this episode represent?

    • Legs000

      Chapter 38-41

  • Legs000

    I feel cheated out of a fabulous Sasaki fight. Multiple foes with quinque and kagune! *sigh* for what might have been.
    I like Haise so much, I’m not in a hurry for Kaneki to come back, although he is brilliant when he does.

  • This is the best series so far

  • Aki

    They’re animating Tsukiyama very well ;w;

  • AlienFoes


  • Nathaniel Xu

    I wonder if they will pull out oshiete for the last episode as well. You know what I am talking about manga readers

  • GamerChadFan123’s_ BackUpChann

    The Return of Koutoaru Amon..

  • DulcetCherry

    Wow i must be the only one really enjoying these “boring” episodes. I love them, I don’t mind about the fighting just seeing Haise progress is enough for me.

    • XxxtenKiller

      Erm, honestly, youre not the only one which likes it. I think its interesting too

    • Aki

      People who think its boring like gross shounen

  • Benjamin Zylberberg

    who’s that freaky guy with his face cut open..?

  • Luigis Victory

    His friend is still alive!!!!

  • Natnael Habte

    What song is it at 12:50?? pls Q_Q

  • Emma Propaganda

    I peep our boi kaneki

  • The

    Still anyway the graphics/picture quality and their faces including their hair, they kinda look mature and beautiful (especially Tauka). Looking good this season 😎👍

  • Julien Reinheimer

    I like Sasaki, but I always preferred Kaneki. I hope he comes back soon.

  • Azhar Hasan

    I’m terribly sad that the ghoul didn’t kill saiko.

    • Stark

      what is wrong with you?? saiko is best girl

      • Big Chill

        *Uta is best girl

        • He is a guy. I like mutsuki more

          • Big Chill

            a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline.

    • Aki

      what the… saiko is best girl i hate you paki man

  • Finally there is a replacement web to watch this Anime 😀
    Thanks a lot….

  • Tegesh Manchanda

    i think that season number in odd (1 and 3)are to plot later arcs like(2) or maybe(4)



    • Stark

      it was fropy

    • Aki


  • Aki

    Remember people THIS ISN’T SHOUNEN

  • ScorpionKid Gamer

    anyone see that every episode haise hair become’s more black every time

  • maki midnight

    am i the only one who thinks master shuis really good looking in this season?! xD

  • Tokyo Ghoul Phan

    Ugh when do we get kaneki back

  • Ajay Murmu

    keneki will back soon。!

    • H a Y a L e T


      • Ajay Murmu

        My Bad… Ken Kaneki.

  • Lai

    i dont like this episode

  • Voltrexxx Voltrexxx

    I’m not satisfied with this episode but I’m still looking forward for the incoming episodes

  • SalikPewds

    Kaneki : Whats wrong with him
    Tsukiyama : Notice me senpai

  • Kaneki Rath Vlogs

    i need some sushi to watch this

  • J.D.RE

    i’m hoping that the man in black was amon

  • 🇻🇮The Night’s King🇰🇳🍫

    im not sure if i misunderstood what happened at the end of last season but last i checked he had his memory so with that being said i wish they would give more back story as to how he lost his memory and how he then became a lead investigator

    • Legs000

      Season 2 never showed how Kaneki lost his memories although it’s in the manga. How he becomes an investigator is explained later in RE. It would make sense to combine those flashbacks into the same episode, but if so, that probably won’t happen until next season.

  • direwolf

    when is 10 coming
    i cant wait fckk

  • direwolf

    i wanna see kaneki fighting with the owl in front of the ghouls and doves showing his proness

  • Daniel Dqnkov

    the best anime. i hated the word anime and when one day my brother told me about tokyo ghoul … and i wached it … i loved it <3

    • Legs000

      You might try Parasyte. Only one season but worthy

  • GummyBear PH



  • Big Chill

    I wonder if they’re going to be able to cover the Noro fight.

  • Drumi call

    I think season 3 is shit

  • Natsu Dragneel Z
  • Shania Maitland

    anyone else think the guy w the blue bob looks like haku from spirited away ?

  • zero

    saiko is so fking useless……………….

  • Stephanie

    its all fun and games till you realise that Torso is actually a sexual predator.

  • roronoa zoro

    damn amon san is here

  • roronoa zoro

    why does every episode end with that beeeeeeeep

  • Gloria Diaz