Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 8 Subbed

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 8 Subbed

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  • .,.,.

    still need to wait 4 episodes till he returns kaneki these episodes are so boring to watch compared to season 1….

    • خالد الحجري

      Do you know how many episodes will be in this season?

      • Tenzin Vincenti

        12, then there will be another 12 after

        • Ken Kanaki

          how much seasons do yuo think there will be?

    • VS Mastah

      wrong, kaneki will comeback at episode 12, then thats it, then we need to wait 3 months for season 4

      • خالد الحجري

        wait, its only 12 episodes?
        that is so sad.

        • VS Mastah

          yes, then we wait 3 months for season 4 🙁

          • خالد الحجري

            lol, almost nothing happened this season.

          • VS Mastah

            tbh, Idk, I just asked a friend when will kaneki come back, dude said in the last episode, probs gonna agree on him since bad ass kaneki showed up in the last episode of season 1

          • Guy

            Hno it will be 24 cuz this season is rlly big

          • Ivan Jesus Ramos

            Nah, these 12 episodes will conclude the Rose operation is my guess, so I’m pretty sure ep 12 will be when he gets his memory back.

          • Salmir

            Nah we will see black reaper kaneki its about 50-60 chapters thats all for 12 epis

        • Guy


      • NatsuDragneel

        4 months!?really?
        I can’t wait for the next episodes.Then 4 months!Wht d

    • VS Mastah

      oh wait were in episode 8 nvm LOL

  • Aokiji

    za cola placements are real

  • taemin

    wasnt really worth the wait, felt more like a filler episode smh

    • Aki


      • taemin

        doesn’t mean it was good lmao and tsukiyama doesnt make the episode better
        the animation was a bit off, which was why it felt more like a filler, like whenever a character has finished something they just stand there like a still picture, they aren’t really 100% trying with it which is sad considering we had to wait like 2 years just for this season to actually come out,,

        • Aki

          okok true

        • Aki

          sometimes it feels like fan made animation lol

    • Roary05
      • Roary05

        You disrespecting Tsukiyama?

    • Ana Carolina Raffa

      Do you know what filler really means? is in the manga all this, not because you did not like or the “protagonist” had no highlight that is filler. Anime-onlys sucks

      • Nick

        Anyone who writes “anime-only” is a fucking idiot. People are allowed to want more of the protagonist of the fucking story you loser

        • Aki

          You guys just need to be patient jeesus fuck

  • bxdri

    Wasn’t really a good episode…

    • Aki

      Because you only care about kaneki…

      • Mukhtar Ali Salad

        go off

  • Roxboy550

    wow that running tho

  • pewpewwiz 347

    that eps was great

  • CatLover

    Bitin T.T

  • ™KLOEY!(PH.OTAKU.haremguy)

    Another week to wait!

  • Jishnu R Nair

    when will he get his memories back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

    • XxxtenKiller

      probably Epsiode 11 ive heard from someone else

    • MarVilKop

      he got his memory back he’s just acting.

  • can someone tell me thats the girl that the old man (shu) ghoul meet the girl with camera i mean i dont really remeber their names sorry xD why she isnt growing like what is she?

  • Beefy

    How are they eating bread are they faking cause the loli looked really happy eating it
    I remember the 1st season ken can’t even eat his favourite burger.

    • Edward Elric

      You need to remember that Quinx Squad is squad of PEOPLE with Kagunes Implants.

      But, for Kaneki… I dont know either, why he can eat normal food.

      • Linx

        Sasaki cant eat food. the quinx squad is the only one that can eat food because theyre not a full half ghoul

        • Sahay Pan

          true , besides have you seen him eat in an episode’? because i have only seen him cook and man he is good at making food

          • modo2040

            at episode 1 you can see a plate in front of him

      • lalami chan

        kaneki had all his organs replaced with a ghouls while the quinx squad only have a kagune implanted not there stomach organs and stuff

        • Dorian Finklea

          thanks for the info

          • lalami chan

            np :3

        • Edward Elric

          You didn’t say anything that wasn’t in my comment. I know who quinxes are, and I know what Kaneki is. That wasn’t even my question, duh.

          • lalami chan

            1. u said that kaneki CAN eat human food he CANT so yeah take my info and stop being salty AF.

            2. it was for someone else but u obvs dont understand so i sent it to u as well so yeah…

            3. i was explaining that kaneki CANT eat human food bcz he got most of his organs replaced soooo… get ur facts right :p

      • Simh:

        But Toru is a half ghoul isn’t she? Wasn’t she eating?

        • Edward Elric

          She isn’t half ghoul. She just can’t control her kagunes and eye, so ghouls at the auction thought she’s a half-ghoul like Kaneki, when she’s just a member of Quinx Squad.

          • Simh:

            They can smell the half ghoul off of her bro..

    • lalami chan

      kaneki had all his organs replaced with a ghouls while the quinx squad only have a kagune implanted not there stomach organs and stuff

    • Jeo

      They are like about 1/5 of a half ghoul

    • Dorian Finklea

      i was just thinking that to

    • Sahay Pan

      they can eat human food but haise cant because he is half ghoul while the other quinx members only have a kagune planted, also i have only seen haise cook food and not eat it

    • Aki

      they only have a kagune implanted in them, so it doesnt affect their eating,, unless their rc levels go above 1000

    • anders madsen

      these quinx have inoperated 5 lvls in their kakuhou (the place that sends out the rc cells (the cells that they use for their kagune, regen so on)) they are at lvl 2/5, so they have a relative low amount of rc cells in their body still. However kaneki didnt start from lvl 2, you could say he started directly at lvl 5.

      It the thing where Urie asked to get to lvl 3 instead of lvl 2, where you saw that he had a much harder time controlling himself in the basement of previous episode.

    • Calamity777

      Quinx can eat normal food.

      Kaneki can not though…

  • The

    Real waste aniki… Gomenae 🙏

  • Stark

    I almost forgot where Furuta started…

    • Ivan Jesus Ramos

      It’s better knowing who he is now. In the manga I thought he was a misc. extra for the longest who suddenly out of nowhere became super important and I didn’t give a fuck about.

  • VeganGhoul

    whst happened to the op song and end song

    • Ivan Jesus Ramos

      they mute it probably so the episode doesn’t get taken down.

  • Dev Nirwal

    Is that a episode……?

  • Tenzin Vincenti

    Ew I hate all the anime onlys saying this is a bad episode and “when will he get his memories back?” just keep watching y’all this isn’t a shonen so every episode doesn’t have to be a fighting mess

    • Shadow 144

      Ur right… Tho i thought this arc would have went a little faster xD
      Before i thought kaneki would have gotten his memory back around the last episode in the rose wipeout operation but i think hell get it back at the beginning of next season this fall…

      • Aki

        the manga felt like 10 years before he got his memories back, this is fast af compared to the manga lmao

        • Shadow 144

          Lmao u dont know how fast i can read

          • Aki

            i can read pretty fast also,,, it felt like 10 years compared to the anime

          • Shadow 144

            Mmk it read from chapter 1 to 50 something in one day… Chapter about 140 was out when i started… So it was already out… Idk but i started the anime last year and the manga this year… But i feel yeah fliping attack on titan feels like ages

          • James Smith

            I started when chapter 1 came out, trust me that made it feel like forever waiting week to week sucks.

          • JOSIE

            I read chapter 1 to 165 in one day…

          • Aki

            even if you finish 1-50 in a day (i did also) it still feels long

          • Gloria Diaz

            “(I did also)” you’re saying it like we give a fuck

          • Ivan Jesus Ramos

            Manga felt like 10 years if you were waiting every week for 1 chapter. Those operations last months usually.

          • Aki

            yea i was waiting every week

    • Greenblus

      I think they’re not doing as good of a work as they could have done in those scenes, they just feel too stiff and lifeless sometimes, like come on you’re adapting the manga into anime, atleast use the advantages of the medium you’re going with, do some more angle play and don’t just make your characters stand there like pictures when they don’t have any more actions to take

      • Tenzin Vincenti

        I agree with you 100% the animation is a bit off most of the time which I think is due to them outsourcing all of it which I’m sad about 🙁

        • Gloria Diaz

          your opinion.

      • Eric Dowling

        I think the work they are doing is fine its already incredibly hard to match the manga to the anime as we also saw with anime being made into a mover film the style of the drawings probably would of never changed if people like you werent so critical. I mean think about it the 1st season matched manga 2nd season went off a bit everybody got off their roccers started talking shit abt how the director of perriot isnt following the f%#&ing script to a T so he tries to satisfy the Manga fans by switching drawing style and attempting recreate tokyo Ghoul Re into a Anime you guys wonder why the show looks STIFF GTFOH everytime he adds lil emotional fillers or small things that would make the anime more entertaining everybody wants to say something

        • Greenblus

          Eric, adapting a manga more faithfully does not make them immune to criticism in the animation department, just because they’re adapting the manga panel by panel does not mean they should make it into still frames when the characters aren’t taking any meaningful action, take my hero academia for example, they adapt the manga very faithfully but they still use the advantages that working on an animated media offers, they don’t just adapt it frame by frame and make things look stiff, they actually add more movement to the scenes. Like come you can’t seriously look at me in the face and tell me that all the animations we’ve seen in this season look fine.

    • Soushi Miketsukami

      that’s right

    • Trenton

      so true

    • Bunch Of Videos

      they will bring back the memories while he will be fighting arima

      • Legs000

        His memories come back while he’s fighting Shu and Eto

    • infinitusdeos17

      he will gain his memories soon when ccg discovers aogiri’s and touka and gang comes to rescue kaneki , hinami and u know arima dies too…………

    • roronoa zoro

      lol they should really watch one piece cause if you wait for one thing in one piece they just shove so many irrelevant episodes that you will eventually forget what were you even fucking waiting for

    • silver

      Please make an anime yourself I’m interested to see what will blossom 🙂

  • Jam Jam Jam

    Ugh! They put more effort on the preview than the episode itself.

  • KymSalabim

    Kens hair is getting more black I think he’s losing the Ghoul in him

    • Vanessa qtπ

      No, I think he is just getting back to being Ken

      • Sahay Pan


      • KymSalabim

        Nah ken is trying to come out but Haise won’t let him, I think the change from black to white was physical as well as symbolic. It showed the change in his personality, that to survive the torture from Jason he had to leave his humanity behind and be a soulless ghoul. The symbolic change of his hair colour from white to black was to show that he had regained his humanity, before he was fighting the ccg and now he’s fighting for ccg the change in hair is a good detail for the change in character

    • Aki

      no he is just not being edgy kaneki lol wdym

  • FantasyAsh

    Man why’s Haise so reluctant to not to be the man he was used to be and if Hinami dies there, I won’t forgive Haise/Kaneki even if his memory is lost, Seriously look at the hell Hinami is went through

    • Sahay Pan

      if you were in his situation, knowing there was your past self still there, would you the one you are after you lost all memories to dissapaer, maybe even lose all the memories you have made, because i would be scared to, and hinami went to hell but dont forget that kaneki also had lived hell

    • Aki

      He doesnt know anything, we see that he should because we know the old kaneki but he does not,

  • The Last Piece

    Isn’t the best episode but I don’t hate it

  • Aki

    I hate you anime-onlys. You guys only care about Kaneki getting his memories back. BE PATIENT. this is way faster compared to the manga anyways.. and ARE YOU GUYS JUST IGNORING EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED WITH TSUKIYAMA??? god just wait and enjoy the other characters. ANd y’all ignoring the ayahina moment also

    you anime onlys that only care about kaneki and think every epsode without edgy kaneki is bad,, you disgust me

    • Ivan Jesus Ramos

      To be fair, I’m enjoying it this time around in the anime with the great ost and everything over when I was reading the Tokyo Ghoul: Re manga (minus the characterization, cause the manga fleshes out characters more), waiting every week. In the manga, I didn’t think :Re matched the first manga (still don’t), and the Haise Sasaki parts and Quinx squad didn’t hit me emotionally then. I actually thought it was pretty boring and wasn’t that invested in the new cast into much later. So I understand why anime-only are kinda like meh, not knowing what to anticipate. Cause knowing what’s coming, I’m appreciating every moment now, but when I didn’t, Tokyo Ghoul: Re felt super generic in the beginning. I actually loved this episode and the last one.

      • Aki

        Yeah i understand, but if i was like “meh” i still wouldn’t call it a shit anime,, because they are actually trying hard to follow the manga this time

        • Ivan Jesus Ramos

          That I agree with. I mean if they’re calling it a shit anime then they probably only care about the action of it and less about those intimate character moments.

    • Chris H

      Pls explain what happened to him I’m so confused

      • Aki

        Look up “Tokyo ghoul chap 136” and read until the end.

    • Nick

      Anyone who writes “anime-onlys” disgusts me. Its a fucking show. Get off your high horse just because you read a fucking comic. Btw, they have done a shit job making Tsukiyama interesting. New season so hes randomly a crazy ghoul now? Oh wow that only happened to like six people in the show already and the fact that theres an unexplained time skip is great too. Fuck off, people are allowed to criticize all they want, youre even worse for trying to tell people to stop expressing themselves

      • Angel Sparkles

        Nick, we are NOT on a high horse. She/He is just saying the people who havent read the manga are complaining about it not being fast enough. IF U WANT TO KNOW MORE FUCKING READ THE MANGA.

        • Kit_

          You guys are on some shit then because everyone has their own reasons. Downgrading our opinion based on whether we read the manga or not is just as idiotic as writing this because no one fucking cares. However, those that are complaining about the speed just want to get to the plot.
          Also, I feel like you won’t be able to wrap your head around this concept because apparently you’re not on a high horse, but anime and manga are completely different works of art. Both of which have different audiences… So technically you’re discriminating the opinions of others because you feel as if your own opinion is triumphantly more elevated… However, I regret to inform you… ITS FUCKING NOT

          • NatsuDragneel

            Yeah,your really right!

          • Alzoran.

            I do agree that everyone has different experiences, and everyone has a valid opinion, and I definitely don’t like people saying: “Anime Onlys”
            I don’t however think he was trying to say anyone’s opinion is worse than his, (Prove me wrong, what do I know?) more just defend the Anime, and remove the High Horse assumption. (Maybe a better word choice would have helped.)
            Also, this is the plot, believe it or not.

          • LitleKen_Jeager

            yea wtfak with tht high horse even

          • Kit_

            Eh idrc, I write this at 4 am with nothing to do.. I definitely got the wrong idea of their message either way.

          • Aki

            I’m fine with your opinion. Yeah the anime is slow and if i didnt read the manga i’d probably be a little mad but I would be patient and not call it shitty and enjoy the other characters besides haise/kaneki

      • Aki

        lol im talking about the people who only care about kaneki,, and shuu is interesting wdym

    • Kit_

      Anime-onlys… First of all you can’t compare your experience with the anime and manga with “Anime-onlys” because your target audience won’t understand, and second of all you’re being egotistical about your own self-loyalty… “Ayahina”… I didn’t know the dude was a lolicon, but that’s a different conversation… Also “Anime-onlys” isn’t a actual term… Just because people don’t read the manga doesn’t mean that their opinion is any less valid… This is literally our first look at these scenes without reading the manga, so dissing us is completely unfair… “Anime-onlys”… That’s like me calling people that read the manga and watch the anime “Weebs”… It’s just no.. lmao

      • Alzoran.

        I did a quick google search, Ayato, and Hinami are about one year apart, if I’m wrong, prove me wrong.

        • Kit_

          Sorry! I actually thought Hinami was alot younger! I don’t look too deeply into anime… However, the main reason I decided to even argue was because I get annoyed when people get their way and are being assholes about it.. Whatever though this is the last time I ever fucking use ‘Disqus’. It’s like the comment section of youtube…

      • Aki

        ayato is around 17-18 and hinami is like 17,,, lol and idc if its a actual term or not PEOPLE USE IT. Im mad because you think its shitty just because kaneki isnt back YET.

        • Kit_

          I actually don’t think it’s shitty though… I was just voicing out the opinions of people that are patient enough to wait and don’t want to be thoughtlessly discriminated as a ‘anime-only’…

    • Oliver Crisp

      let people watch the damn show how THEY want twat

      • Aki

        yeah they should watch the show not complainnn

    • Kai Chisaki

      Haise is a fun character to explore. He retains some Kaneki-like features under pressure, but he shaped himself an entirely new character, fusing his pre-Aogiri self and his new CCG investigator side. I kind of wish that the Cochlea raid didn’t happen.

    • LitleKen_Jeager

      broaaaa i ve been planning to be anime-only with tg:re but i got spoiled too much back then so i decided to read all the chapters till the end XD i felt lilttle bit glad bcoz now im not anime-onlys hahaa (well except for attack on titan,eventhough i got spoiled about the other titans im still gonna be anime-only)

  • Zoomer4211

    Sponserd by cola

  • Linx

    what anime onlys think of Tokyo Ghoul series = its a dark Shounen action series.. wheres my Kaneki? When will Kaneki regain his memories? fuck this filler ep, theres no action in this ep buhuhuhu..

    What manga readers think of Tokyo Ghoul series = its a “SEINEN” “PSYCHOLOGICAL” “TRAGEDY” series.. and mostly the only complains they have is the animation.. why? because the project has a shit production to begin with and all eps are fully outsourced from different studios hell they even outsourced this, last weeks ep and the next 2 eps in Korea.. hopefully the next half of the series that will air in October they wont outsource and have an actual staff that will do the animation..

  • Nephilim

    *Three comments talking about how they find this boring*
    *Five comments talking about how “Anime-Onlys” suck* I watch the anime and read the manga, and this arc was boring for me too, Although it has its moments. Personally I like kaneki better than Haise because of kaneki’s personallity. Haise feels to cut and dry to me. Thats why people want Kaneki’s memories back.

    • Nephilim

      Also thank you for the transilation!!

  • Josef

    It’s fair to give the anime real criticism, but to say “wah wah wah I want real kaneki wah wah wah” is stupid and you should just wait for the last episode of this season to come out.

  • Caleb Davis

    I didn’t think the episode was bad, I actually enjoyed it. But I do think it will be more enjoyable when Kaneki gets his memories back.

  • Chris H

    Someone explain why tsukyama is so sick ??

    • Ana Carolina Raffa

      he went into depression after he discovered that the kaneki “died” and is not enjoying eating more, it’s fucking sad actually

      • Chris H


      • Nick

        How is that sad in any way? He was a minor character in the first couple seasons who did little to nothing and apparently is continuing to do nothing for this entire season

        • you have much to learn

        • Ana Carolina Raffa

          it’s funny how ignorant you are, you just watch the anime and THINK YOU KNOW everything. do not come here to talk shit that “he’s a minor character of no importance” please i don’t need to read so much bullshit since you’ll regret talking about he this way. he is an important person in kaneki’s life if you do not mind your problem.
          Anyway, shuu tsukiyama will be one of the keys to bringing your precious kaneki back. oh, surprise(!!!) another “minor” character will also be the key;;;; KOUTAROU AMON :O :O

          • Kai Chisaki

            m8 you had to spoil the ghoul thicc amon ;c
            makes sense though because takizawa was in the same boat, and was supposedly ‘dead’

      • Asuka

        he wants to eat kaneki and smell him and now he’s not arround anymore so he’s refusing to eat.

  • Cristino Silva

    I just hate it when they end at a cliffhanger ,like at least tell us more details or stuff because this is going way faster than how the manga did and also they should at least tell us when kaneki is going to come back or when he’s going to regain his memories so we don’t end this anime crying because we want more and we want to see when he will regain his memories again. ( ^ _ ^ )

  • Redcxwsdfv

    Everyone is waiting for Kaneki to get his memories but I’m waiting for chapter 125


    Hmm I’m just waiting to eat the sweetness in the anime

  • So im guessing the OP got copy righted ?

  • A lot of it is blocked tf ?

  • Aisha

    I hope Tsukiyama will be alright. Although I’ve finished manga and new chapter’s taking a week, same as the anime. Geez. Waiting is cruel.😩

  • Angel Sparkles

    even though i know the anime is faster, its unbearable waiting for kaneki to get his shit back together and find his true family

  • Trenton

    ANooTHer WEEKk TO wAIT YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    if i be happy i might not get depression

  • Juju Mundo

    Omg shut the fuck up!! If ur so bored and can’t wait then don’t watch the fuckin show.. Jesus! you guys are so annoying.. fuckin create the damn show urself then, oh wait you can’t!! The show is doing great, i like it. Be patient! It doesn’t need to be full of action every episode, u lil cry babies. DAMN!

    • Kit_

      Um… I don’t mean to offend you, but taken you feel as if you can others I’d like to inform you that no one really fucking cares… So if we can all stfu… That’d be great

  • kdrama_fan

    Can i just say how happy i am about how its actually following the manga lmao

  • kdrama_fan

    Cant wait yallll step by step

  • NatsuDragneel

    It’s episode 8,,how many episode we will watch?Nothing happens special ep.Only in ep 6..

  • Kit_

    Can people please stfu about anime-onlys…

  • Tokyo Ghoul

    I am confused the ghouls feed on flesh, and the quinx squad are also particularly ghouls right so why aren’t they having problem like season 1 kaneki when he turned into ghoul and couldn’t eat anything. And also in RE most episodes he is seen eating normal human food along with the squad. wtf i don’t get it.

    • the quinx are humans with kagune implants. they can still eat food. kaneki didn’t eat any food this season but he does cook well despite the fact that he can’t taste anything

    • potatomojito

      kaneki went through transplant and got real ghoul organs, the rest of quinx are technically modified ghouls.


    would any of u who had read the manga please explain what happend to tsukiyama that lead him to be in the condition he is

    • He is depressed because he thinks kaneki is dead and starves himself, that’s why he cried when he saw kanekis picture

    • Aki

      He thinks kaneki is dead, he deeply loves him so is depressed. Also nothing else will satisfy him except kaneki so he starves himself

  • Yukiteru Amano

    Irritated how the OP and ED is nonexistent. :c Good episode though. A little rigid at moments, but the points are still conveyed.

    • Kurama

      try other mirrors they have op and ed

  • Kanae Von Rosewald

    When I say “I even hate this loyalty” I mean “Master Shuu….why do I love you and only you…because everytime you show me that you care for me it makes me hate myself more and more, how could you care for someone who is nothing and has nothing to give…why can’t you love me like you love your “dear, sweet Kaneki” your Haiße.”

    • Kai Chisaki

      C e a s e t h i s s i c k n e s s .

  • What

    Ew Furuta

    • Aki

      ew you

      • What

        You like Furuta then?

        • Aki

          yup,, he a qt

          • Kai Chisaki

            Dude, he’s hella autistic. Watch Kaneki heck him in 174. uwu

          • Aki

            how is he fucking autistic, he made kaneki and rize into dragons and made them destroy the city and shit… lmao foh

          • Aki

            174 is gonna be a furuta backstory so prob 175
            and kaneki is only gonna heck him cus plot armor

        • Aki

          he is a beautiful antagonist

  • Aki

    Atleast this isn’t like the disastrous second season

  • Ezrail Studios

    Anyone else realize that Haise’s hair is turning more and more black every episode?

    • Kitsune

      also more and more straight!

  • Legend

    “where’s my kaneki? when will he get his memories back? i hate these stupid fillers. please give kaneki his memories back this is a shonen where’s the action jklasdchcnb”
    Almost all TG:re videos have these kinds of comments.

  • Jet Sagoco

    Can’t wait to see Kaneki again.

  • Star Guardian Ahri

    What did people write and everybody started to write “I hate anime onlys”

  • DaveJian

    The people who says they hate anime-onlys, please stop it. Atleast we anime-onlys don’t waste much time as watching anime than both watching it and reading the manga. Plus we Anime-onlys don’t want any spoilers so you gotta bare with us and you can’t change the world by saying you Hate Anime-onlys

  • Taha

    When will kaneki get his memory back

  • DN Zeus Vidzz

    Hey I’m an anime-only person and I loved this episode. The build up is just as important as the action parts ya know. The only thing I hate in this episode and all the other eps is they MUTE the opening! I have to open youtube to watch/listen to it every episode!

  • GummyBear PH

    Jesus guys just stop. Aren’t we supposed to comment about the episode and nothing else? People are different. Some people prefer books, some people prefer cinematography. Stick with it, we can’t change them. The moderators and the makers of this show are trying their best, so are the ones making the manga. Nothing is wrong with that, if people want answers to their questions, just tell them “Watch the series. Wait for the episodes to come out. You’ll eventually get your answer soon enough.” No need to make it such a mess and start an argument here.

    Although, I still do agree with you that PEOPLE JUST WATCH AND STOP ASKING FUCKING QUESTIONS.

    Forgive me for my condition.

  • Jamir B

    Really good episode, I love how people act like they just some experienced critic always saying this episode could have done better it could have had this, like bitch you can’t change the anime and everything isn’t perfect all this petty ass shit I read in these comments

  • naruto-sama1410

    Is Haise’s hair gettin darker each episode or is that just me?

  • Kai Chisaki

    If you want the plot to progress quickly, read the manga. It has much more of the plot released currently, so you can speed-read it.

  • Mireesha Anne Huff

    hey all:)
    someone explain what is wrong with Shuu to me please?

  • tash tash

    I don’t understand why people hate anime-only audiences. I’ve not read a lot of Tokyo Ghoul, but I don’t care for Kaneki.
    I want to know what happened to Tsukiyama and personally, I like Haise without any memories. It’s like he went back to the original Kaneki Ken, but with the CCG. The animation is decent compared to season 2, and I can’t wait to see more scenes with my favorite character, Juuzou, in it. Kaneki may be edgy, but Juuzou is mentally insane, and their anecdotes are hilarious to me.

  • Shadow

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  • FrailZ DoesStuff


  • Bahar Waseem

    I hate how the show wants us to sympathize with that disgusting purple haired freak who by the way has murdered countless innocents and his only quirk is that he likes to smell Kaneki’s bloody rags. I dont give a single fuck if he has morally improved like half a percentage point this is why i hate this show, lets all just forget that half of the “good ghouls” are actually twisted fucks but you know we shouldn’t get to expect decent character development lets go ahead and forget what actually matters.

  • Big Chill

    I hope that they cover the Noro vs Quinx Squad fight.

  • LitleKen_Jeager

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  • eatabrick

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  • Eric Dowling

    I think the work they are doing is fine its already incredibly hard to match the manga to the anime as we also saw with anime being made into a mover film the style of the drawings probably would of never changed if people like you werent so critical. I mean think about it the 1st season matched manga 2nd season went off a bit everybody got off their roccers started talking shit abt how the director of perriot isnt following the f%#&ing script to a T so he tries to satisfy the Manga fans by switching drawing style and attempting recreate tokyo Ghoul Re into a Anime you guys wonder why the show looks STIFF GTFOH everytime he adds lil emotional fillers or small things that would make the anime more entertaining everybody wants to say something # do your thing Perriot Master Script/Legendary Mover

  • Chance

    Usually I like the people that read the manga too, but in this case, ya’ll are toxic as fuck and assholes. Go the fuck away.

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  • Boba is the Name

    All the new characters are so adrogynous, I’m having a hard time deducting who is what, then I thought hearing the voice acting would help but that’s not really the case lmao