Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 6 Subbed

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 6 Subbed

=======>Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 6 Subbed is Online<=======

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  • Sonic 7394

    I’m oo

  • Valentine

    Does anyone know in which chapter of the manga they’re going?…..No?…Nobody?…..Thanks 🙁

    • Taru

      I might be wrong but I swear that it is like chapter 60 or 70. I vaguely remember reading this a long time ago and right after the battle between the two the little girl from season 1 appears again to do some stuff (obvi she not a little girl no more) and it is right where I stopped….I think…

      Edit: sorry I thought that you were asking which part they were currently at…using chapter 60 to 70 the mean of these two being 65 as an estimate, I would assume around 145ish

  • pewpewwiz 347

    did they add another few hours?

    • Sonic 7394

      They did apparently there not rushing it

    • Leona Terrance

      No they didn’t?! It’s tha same time as before.

  • Blank

    4 hrs to go cann’t wait anymore want to see some real fight this time !! :*(

  • Arya Panca Aprilian

    can’t wait . 10 minutes left 🙁

  • Nika Zandarashvili

    Dang It Only 10 Minutes Left…
    Cant Wait!!!!!!!11

    • Equ


      • Bonski

        can you guys watch it now? i can only see black screen

        • unexxy


        • Joshua Roldan

          I watxhed it but when the opening was played,i cant hear anything

  • denzo68

    last 10 minute ….. cant wait now

  • Awlad Merraj Hussain

    3:59 minutes

  • ✩々

    add download link also

  • pewpewwiz 347

    guys im watching eps 6 wtf

  • pewpewwiz 347

    guys am i really watching eps 6

  • Nobody-.-

    1 min left

  • pewpewwiz 347

    are you guys watching the eps 6

    cuz i am

  • pewpewwiz 347

    guys im now watching eps 6 early wth

  • pewpewwiz 347

    guys im not lying

    • Yuu


  • pewpewwiz 347

    i am

  • Leona Terrance

    Its out

  • animeloverasian

    download link plz

    • Kurama

      right click and save as

      • Talha Khan

        cant do

        • Jedrek Lawrence

          Tap and hold on mobile to see the button

  • pinkhighunicorns

    aah that was amazing ;-; and I need moarrr

  • TheBlueLaundryBag

    the op was muted for me. is it just me??? :O

  • Luigis Victory

    I also don’T want him to forget ;_;

  • خالد الحجري

    I Hate Sasaki!!!! Give me Kaneki !!!!!!!!

    • Leona Terrance

      Lol. I hated him too at this point. But trust me you will miss him when he’s gone.

      • Hilarie Cipriano


      • خالد الحجري

        I Don’t think so… I’ve seen many characters like him, but only one like Kaneki’s, who is Kaneki

        • Some Dude On The Internet

          I fucking hated Sasaki for the first 150 chapters or something, I began to love him later when everything got revealed though.

          • Leona Terrance

            Lol first 150 chapters? You loved him for 20 chapters? What are you saying? Did you mean 50?

          • Some Dude On The Internet

            Yeah, I hit the 1 on accident I meant around 50.

        • Leona Terrance

          Are you sure about that?

      • Aldrin Loyola

        Lol. You will never miss Haise when Touka arrives. Kaneki will always be the Kaneki who owns that body. And oh, Kaneki will impregnate Touka some time in the future. XD

        • Leona Terrance

          Ok man…. 😂

    • Cynthia C.

      Same! All I want is to get Kaneki back, so everything goes back to normal and I can die peacefully.

  • Noran 2.0

    Nah, this was the BEST episode so far, i’m fucking crying right now, i’m shaking all that shit.

  • ma nam e jeff

    i bet the next episode will be boring af…

  • Talha Khan

    after all those previous episodes i lost my love for TG
    but this ep was the one that reawaken my love.
    I loved it.and the most beautiful and masterpiece abt ep was that they added unravel at the moment it suited the best..

    • Anđelina Cvetković

      mine too..

  • vince milan

    why am I crying right now……
    best episode so far!

    • Talha Khan

      seriously true

    • Anny Sykes

      im glad im not the only one crying ;-;

    • denzo68

      Yeah now easily wait 1 week

    • ProXy

      I know .. im crying now after watching this episode .. unravel which suited the best . This song really had my heart pounding in my chest.💝

    • Varveklis6

      soo…. do… i…

    • Kirito

      Why do I feel like this song title suits the anime sooooo welllllll?
      Unravel as in unravel kanekis himself.. As in a ghoul and a human.. Am I the only one thinking of this? The song makes us cry because it reminds us that he is searching for the him in his trap of humanity and ghoul. Am I wrong?

      • Hanny Stevens

        no your not we all lived this moment

      • Soldier 76

        I just googled it and apparently ‘Kaneki’ means ‘uncertainty’. Makes sense…

        • Lumanti Shakya

          To tell you, it doesn’t mean ‘uncertainty’ or whatever. It means ‘Tree of money’ in general.

          • Soldier 76

            Ok, that’s the last time I’ll be using google translate to translate Japanese.

        • Legs000

          Naki means cry

          • Soldier 76

            Makes sense, since that’s literally all he does…

    • Asma Ibrahim

      I cried during the first episode and it’s been going on since, now i’m just dehydrated. By the end i’m still going to be sitting here waiting for another season.

  • KYLEgaming

    WTF. Oshieteo goosebumps at 19:34…

  • NatsuDragneel

    I miss Ken Kaneki.I think the next episode will kinda be exciting.I can’t see hide.And where’s touka?I really miss the old one

    • Akshat Morakhia

      Hide is dead

      • Ykokokokhaii!

        Haha read the manga, are you sure that you didn’t see hide? :))

      • denzo68

        Maybe not….

      • 13940813904

        he dies in the anime, in the manga he’s still alive. re follows the manga, so hide is alive

      • Mr.Zee

        He Is Alive :p you Saw Him In This Episode Just Doesnt Wanna Spoil you

      • Aldrin Loyola

        Hide is not dead. He is the masked guy who accidentally pushed the button to activate the audio in the theater room.

    • 13940813904

      hide was actually in this episode

      • Seven Rerolls

        and he was “Hiding”

      • yall. its time to stop (dont spoil them)

        • How is this spoiler ?

      • MooMOO milk

        please delete this comment this could be a really big spoiler if people stop to think about it.

      • Russianpurplepizza

        Where? ?? I didn’t saw hide in this episode.

      • Tom Diepeveen

        Dude wtf man.. Why spoil such a thing

    • Aldrin Loyola

      Hide is the masked guy who accidentally turned on the audio in the theater room.

      • NatsuDragneel


  • Joshua Roldan


    • vince milan

      same af

  • vince milan

    that Hide scene though🤘

    • shexea.


      • vince milan

        hide is badass AF

    • Some Dude On The Internet

      Dont spoil the anime only watchers you fucking monkey.

  • John Kafer

    Nice Cliffhanger

    • Muhammed Ahmed🌐

      But unravel tho

  • shexea.


    • vince milan

      yup best OP of TG

    • denzo68

      Yeah this remind me last episode of Tokyo ghoul season 1…. Lol

      • Illumigirl 0804

        Andres Tokyo Ghoul Season 2

        • denzo68


  • Muhammed Ahmed🌐

    Yo!!!!! They played unravel. Me when I heard unravel sjenbdownshsobshsbshcheotuutirobzbxnznxmz

  • Diam

    Hell naw, now I have to wait another week after getting hyped by hearing UNRAVEL

    • Titan Music

      Me too this episode is worth af

    • denzo68

      Yeah next episode so excited…. But week again lol

    • Ararashi_Gin

      i thought i was hearing noises, it hit me hard tbh.

    • Big Chill

      Or y’know, you can just read the manga.

      • Kenneth Patindol

        what chapter did the ep6 end?

        • Big Chill

          Page 5 in Chapter 31.

          • Kenneth Patindol

            thanks 😉

    • Whatsup

      Next weeks a memory episode >.>

    • Anđelina Cvetković


    • Asma Ibrahim

      LOL same, i’m probably gonna die waiting.

    • Night Light

      Unravel keep playing my head.

      • Big Shaq

        mine too, i even got some sick flashbacks of season 1

        • Yash naik

          Ya meet 2

    • Ali Hassan

      Im soooooo damn hyped I cant wait for the next episode im like gonna die because of this hype…….DAMN one whole week DAMN IT

    • barbecue sauce on my tiddies


    • Kelly Singh

      I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!

  • Akki

    When the old ken kaneki coming out

    • Muhammed Ahmed🌐

      When unravel got played……

      • Akki

        I’m taking about black reaper

        • Don ✪

          You meant “talking”? Yeah he looked like arima with the black hair tho and he was changing that time he got promoted to Association Special Class and so strict that the other Q’s thought Sasaki/Kaneki forgot about them. CCG’s Black Reaper (Sasaki) CCG’s Grim Reaper (Arima) if Sasaki stayed in the CCG with Arima and Juuzo, the CCG will be super inferior and scary that no one will or can beat them nor Furuta or V. Lol

          • Akki

            Sasaki is to noob i don’t want see kaneki get beaten like that
            when kaneki will be going against ccg ?

          • Big Chill

            just read the manga

          • Reaper ✪

            When the cochlea raid begin, he’ll rescue hinami and will face Arima one last time.

          • Rolf Vervat

            Don’t you mean they will be superior? Just sounds kinda weird saying that nobody can beat them but calling them inferior…

  • Maximus Verus

    Ive thought kaneki ken is back but haise still has no memories of being ken kaneki Lmao i wish i could see arimas death by now in the manga ending 0_0

  • The

    Heart piercing episode‼️‼️‼️‼️Get in there kaneki‼️‼️‼️‼️
    Haise needs to embrace kaneki… and get STRONG 💪

  • Lol Mol


  • Tal cogan

    Fucking hell seeing these edgelord fans demand one dimensional, white haried kaneki is so fucking abnoxious.

  • Don ✪

    This anime/manga is really a masterpiece. thanks to Sui Ishida, this is my inpiration after all. So much tradegy and I’m looking forward to the “Rose Operation” it’ll be superb, this is the last episode of :re i think.

  • Titan Music

    When unravel got played osht i almost cameeee

  • Souprice

    why you gotta play unravel. now i have ty wait 7 fukken days ‘;-: *Goes into clincal depression*

  • Ykokokokhaii!

    Dissapointed, wish he faught like a real ghoul king

  • denzo68

    Will sasake haise disappear what next now…. Next episode like memory not a good stuff we want may be ….

  • Really is Really

    this season 3 is god damn sux everybody want Kankei

  • Vedant Vasav

    i just want kaneki back

  • Auri

    this episode did my heart so dirty…..Tbh best episode ever I’ve had seen! Can’t wait for next episode lmao

  • Creamy Donut

    now I have to wait for 6 days 22 hours 36 mins 40 secs

  • Ararashi_Gin


  • Josef

    Everyone wanting Kaneki back, you will get him back. But right now there’s a interesting psychological warfare going on between Haise and Kaneki, so try to open yourself up to knew things.

  • Tajou

    damn if only there was a way to watch it before it comes out

  • shubham gudadhe

    damn cool the unravel just gives the goosebumps back .really woooooooooooooow………loved the ending of the episode..ds is the best episode of ds season till now

  • Levi Ackerman

    Hell yeah the old opening 🙂 (unravel )

  • Pamela Wilk

    This episode was so awesome i love it

  • Axel Blaze

    Guys does any1 have any idea what the name of the ost played when Hinami fights the owl??

  • Some Dude On The Internet

    Of course they made this the cliffhanger, those fucking bastards.

  • Star Guardian Ahri

    Kaneki is baaaaaaack (kinda) babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Stark


  • Grand Priest


  • Tushar Dahiya

    Is Kaneki ever gonna come back forever

  • Leona Terrance

    Oshiete oshieteo sono shikumi wo~
    *goosebumps* * throws the chair out of the window*
    Unravel: 1

  • TüpYandereAdam

    oh mah god hinami looks cute affffffff

    • Stark

      hinami from RE best girl

  • Tushar Dahiya

    Will Kaneki come back and stay forever? Someone please answer me

    • Stark

      yes but i doubt this season

      • Tushar Dahiya

        Thx! That’s all I wanted to know

      • Tushar Dahiya

        So he will come back for and stay that way?

        • Stark

          he wont go back to original ken in one go but eventualy he will make it

          • Tushar Dahiya


  • Réhberger Enikő


  • Tokyo Ghoul Phan

    When’s the next episode out 😂❓

    • Vasy

      Check the count down 😀 6 days and 19 hours


    This was a death episode? WHO IS CONTROLLING the body your mind 0_0

  • Tokyoghoulbestanimeever


  • Lanie


  • Thygesen

    Omg cut this ep not be 5 min longer i need some more

  • Mr.Zee

    Ahhh The FAther Fucking Fuck This Episode :'( It Made Me Cry :'(

  • Mitchel Skeels

    so happy when i heard unravel kicking in

  • FallAwayYT


  • GamerChadFan123’s_ BackUpChann

    This happens in every anime.

    Epic Scene,
    GOD DAMN IT!!!

  • Cristino Silva

    This episode was kinda worth all of that week we had to wait for this 🙂

  • Abdimalik Sulieman

    ohhhh man seriously

  • Def better than the last 2 smh those were terrible

  • Soushi Miketsukami

    OMG!!!another week for waiting -..-

  • Morgan Reid

    When unravel plays, you know it’s going dOwN

  • Aldrin Loyola

    Shit! Got me all teary when Unravel hits the earbuds. Another week of agony waiting for this to wrap up!

  • Angelo Padilla Juguilon

    It is so similar when Kaneki firet used Rize’s power inside him

  • Dana Scully

    I’m liking how much it follows the manga (

  • Marshingo

    Unpopular decision but I think this episode was pretty shit, I think they could’ve done much better with the implementation of unravel

  • Ceider Blab

    Where does Hide appear? I don’t see him.

    • High Res .

      hes the masked guy with the face drawn on it cause kaneki ate his face

  • Max Schwab

    ive read the Manga, but it looks like hes going to see Yoshimura next episode. as much as i would like a 24+season to cover the manga i dont want them to rush or make up some different storyline like in root A.

  • Eric Lefebvre

    Yeah I guess Ill just wait for a reboot from a company that can actualy do a good job, god this is so trash compare to the manga, disgusting.

    • connors cosette

      well , instead of waiting why don’t you try doing a better job instead of hating on someone else’s work.

  • Sonic 7394

    Next episode Haisa is gone and SASUKE is back.

  • Gleb Krat

    so, kaneki just tricked haise with this boy

  • Jeff The Killer

    why the hell they gon make my guy damnthere die and the damn season jus started THATS NOT SCIENCE

  • gelo

    This waiting for another episode is a torture like Justin Biebers music

  • Ferid Bathory

    some one call tell me what corpus linguae mean?

  • Mireesha Anne Huff

    ah that songgggggggg <3

  • Mireesha Anne Huff

    Also, im so sick of Haise’s bitch ass. Bring back Kaneki already and the old characters. I dont care for this new group.

    • High Res .

      its deadass part of the manga, the shit gets a lot deeper. Im not going to spoil it but him being brainwashed and becoming haise has deep ties to arima and the owl. Were gonna learn about the owls history and how there are several of them, and how arima plays in with eto and the anteiku owner.

  • Knives Bartolome

    oh crap did i just see neji is that why he was gone from naruto he went to tokyo ghoul hahahaha

    • Knives Bartolome


  • Knives Bartolome

    that was nice having unravel song in there it was awesome i got goose bumps when the song started

  • Hảo Hoàn Hào

    the only thing I don’t fond of is the voice for young shiro-neki. feels.. a bit weird, tbh

  • XxxtenKiller

    Im so hyped for the next episode wtf 😭❤️

  • Kaya

    So hyped for the new episode, time to unravel my tears :'(

  • Uchiha Naruto

    Oshiete oshiete yo sono shikumi wo

    Best part !!!!

  • EL Bones

    eh, kinda lame. I really dont care about this guy i just want kaneki. We had to be subjected to watching kaneki go from a bitch to a badass and now we’re just doing it all over again. this season is interesting but not what i expected, they even introduce us to a new cast as if we weren’t already emotionally invested in the old ones.

    • XxxtenKiller

      For reaaaaaalllll!! But aye, its still good! And its Tokyo Ghoul 😉

    • High Res .

      its deadass part of the manga the shit gets a lot deeper. Im not going to spoil it but him being brainwashed and becoming haise has deep ties to arima and the owl. Were gonna learn about the owls history and how there are several of them, and how arima plays in with eto and the anteiku owner

  • Rio Santino Vassallo-todaro

    the intro music cut out , anyone else?

    • Kurama

      use other mirrors, they have whole audio

  • Cris Hans Enzo Pascual

    Now this js what we all call best anime that ever existed in the history

  • Saad Ur Rehman
    Is this the return of Tokyo Ghoul to Tokyo Ghoul because i sure as hell am loving the return of whatever this is.
    Tokyo Ghoul is just beautiful

  • Jonathan .Renuard

    If yall really want to know what happens, you should have read the manga


    oh yeah

  • Zeusmighty

    I’m starting to give up on TG but I’m gonna give it a chance the episodes are short af

    • TheBestDesigns

      Bro just read the manga you’ll be way happier so far the anime doesn’t do it justice

  • Deadly Desires

    Hide was in this ep (Scarecrow mask) :^)

    • TheBestDesigns

      Why do you gotta ruin that huge spoiler for everyone who didn’t read the manga man

  • Emperor

    I effin knew it! THEY DID PLAYED UNRAVEL!

  • Tushar Dahiya

    Does Haise starts to look like Kaneki in season 2 again after he gets his memory back?

    • Tushar Dahiya

      How he looked like in season 2

    • Tushar Dahiya

      Will Kaneki look like that again?

  • Tushar Dahiya

    Will Kaneki change his appearance after he regains his memory and look like the way he used to look in season 2? Or will he carry on looking like Haise? Someone please answer me

    • connors cosette

      well , i would like seeing like inbetween haise and kaneki or haise with the awareness of kaneki , since shironeki was practically dead inside , and seemed pretty sad and incontent with his life , but haise shows quite the opposite.
      so him being powerful AND happy is the best thing that could happen.

  • ExoGamer

    nice uoda

  • Zubaraki Masato

    ohh come on .. im waiting that kaneki take place the body from sassan.. but its not then come the end of ep6.. temee !!


    I know it’s killing me

  • keungie

    am i one of the only people in this comment section who actually likes sassan? even though there are a lot of characters like him in different shows i still love him to death. imma miss him when kaneki comes back :,)

    • connors cosette

      i’m with you , yet against you , imo best kaneki that would ever get in the story is like inbetween Haise and shironeki , so it can be POWERFUL yet HAPPY.

  • Tyler Little

    is kaneki coming back or its still boring haise

  • Pinki

    Sorry Haise, I like you and all but.. I LOVE KANEKI MORE DX; hurry up and come back for gooood

  • Haise Sasaki かねき けん (Kaneki Ke


  • HakureuJin

    Finally Kaneki Ken IS BACK!!

  • Da Rius

    Yeah me too, I like unravel. But shit I have to wait one more freaking week. Can’t, why don’t they just release the whole episode in one day and we could just enjoy.

    • connors cosette

      try working at a studio then complain , there is just so much work done for the animations and artwork and story (in this case i don’t think the story is a problem) and they have a deadline so it must be so stressing working there , and there are people like you who don’t see their efforts and overlook the stress they fight , maybe one day you’ll realize this
      (i don’t know why i’m this triggered lol , but yea waiting is terrible but as they say ‘the best comes to those who wait’)

  • SavageDog007

    I miss Ken Kaneki… where’s that centipede? Haise needs it right now!

  • GuinnessFCS


    kaneki dabs

  • You know the

    You know the worse thing that will happen it would get to a end 😡💔

  • Big Shaq

    *Unravel plays*
    sanushikumi wo!!!!!!
    best f*cking episode we got to see ever and we even got to see Toruus Kagune and saikos mysterios attack(which might be her kagune she uses)

  • Bogi Atanasov

    Not to spoil anything but Kaneki lose his virginity to Touka in the manga

    • XxxtenKiller


  • ari


  • Sapphire


  • LegitPun

    does this season last 12 episodes or 24

  • cabin boy morty


  • Advik Murali

    How many episodes will this season have.
    At some places they are saying 24 and at some places 12

    • connors cosette

      yea i’m having the same question but i would like to have 24 episodes since the manga is too long and it wouldn’t be a good story if it was compressed in 12 episodes only.

  • Sebastian Hamkari-villa

    I hate how they had to mute the op and ending song :'( it was sooooo goooood
    who knows we might see kaneki and haise fuse into one being
    and yes I did not read the manga ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ but I want it soooo bad


      man i was about to write the same comment! but now i don’t want to jinx u…..

  • Yoru Zenaku

    i nutted when i heard unravel

    • XxxtenKiller

      oh hell naw😂😂

  • Mo Ren

    Tiks me off that he lost his memory, I really hope he gets them back soon. Yeah what happened to him sucks ,but Touka ( hope i spelled that right) is in love with him and e need to remember that.

  • Mo Ren

    im ready for ep 7 now

  • BaconMan Gamer


  • barbecue sauce on my tiddies

    a bitch cried when she heard unravel

  • Loty

    Fk 2 days of suffering fk why couldn’t i wait

  • Krisna AN

    Anjing baguss banget nih episode anjing NJING kaneki ken kembali ma pren

  • Kleber Loayza

    I am so exciting, but I am going to with the patience. I don’t want to see a spoiler in the manga. I don’t know if for now, Tokyo ghoul has overcome to Death Note, but all this is so exciting. My unique question is if in some time of the anime going to explain the fight between kaneki and Arima?

  • Adonai Vantheel

    thought I was hearing shit, then Unravel just hit me fucking hard. I cannot wait this long after hearing that. The hype is real.

  • Kanae Von Rosewald

    “I’m Ken Kaneki, please…don’t erase me..” That hit me soo hard.

  • suho

    when unravel played istg those emotions just hit me like crazy. that song is the BEST and this episode so far is the best AHHHHHH

    need next episode ASAP

  • Nerdwitamouth “bashingbasher”

    7 hours

  • Yuuna

    why am i laughing?

  • Rayuza

    I want to share so much but i dont know if u anime fan are ok with the spoler cuase there was so much meaning in this episode

  • Miss Genius Candy

    When Unravel played I was like… Omaigod💔😢

  • Lissa Aernouts

    That end.. my god..

  • SirVlad

    Wow <3 that nostalgia hit like a truck.