Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 5 Subbed

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 5 Subbed

=======>Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 5 Subbed is Online<=======

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    • Leona Terrance

      Takizawa vs Haise!!!

      • Cheese

        Yooooo who likes pickles

  • Toheed Malik

    Takizawa hype boys, he was one of my favorite characters in the manga

  • OptimisticGhoul

    26 MINUTES

  • Andro Chkhvimiani

    Who else is hyped..?? >~< I am excited to see akira mados revenge on the ghoul that ate her leg.

  • Todd Thomas

    I went ahead and read the manga. Let just say I am excited. I am excited to see how they work it.

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  • OptimisticGhoul

    Darn it now I have to read the mangas version of it aftet this.

  • pewpewwiz 347

    the hype will kill me before watching this eps

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    add Download please

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    additional time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    yeah how to download

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    i can’t download fk (╥︣﹏᷅╥)

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    add downlaod button

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    you *** (≖_≖ )

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    always! can’t skip the opening song x)

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      if you’re watching with laptop or pc, it will be more easy.

      • dense_alpha

        I mean I love the song so I don’t skip it

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  • Hoang Anh Nguyen

    Mutsurie is real . OMG I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMOREEEEEEEE [email protected]#$%^(^*

  • Yuuna

    i hate tooru

    • ShelleShocker

      Why hate on Toru? I know he’s stupid for not using his kagune when necessary, in fact he hasn’t used it at all. But I feel like once he does use it, his kagune will be dope especially since he’s a one eyed ghoul. Stop sleeping on Mutsuki, he was like Kaneki kun when Kaneki first became a ghoul( young and dumb, eye patch), they’re similar in some ways

  • animeloverasian

    Add downlaod button

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    I suggest, if you want to download the episodes you should try watching it in laptop or pc then do this thing. Right click and click “save video as” (sorry for the photo, I only took a picture of my screen using my phone)

  • INova

    TRIGGERED i cant be expected to wait a week after that cliff hanger

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  • Christian Iglesias

    Guys chill with asking about the download button ,the episode literally just came out

  • Zoraise

    What u mean came out 4 days ago???

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      Thinking excactly the same thing…….

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        i thought it just came out just now

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      How dude i just checked yesterday it was not uploaded…

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        It came out a few days ago but the subbed version that us English folk can actually read came out today ,it takes time to make an official translation

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          Yup agree

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      The page opens a few days before the actual episode is implemented

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    i’m disappointed lol

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    the fvck! why always this!

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    I want to watch more 😭😭😭😭

    • black reaper kaneki ghoul king

      me two

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        me three

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          Me four

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            me five

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            I want it more!

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            me six

    • killua

      all 3 are garbage

  • Nicolas Calvo

    Tokyo ghoul is just too perfect to be fking real

  • @TheCrimsonFuckr

    Sigh fucking cliffhanger.

  • Ahmed E. Sakr

    Was a very lame episode to be honest.
    I hope that we won’t counter a similar episode in this limited season, we have been waiting so long to have this kind of crap?

    • Element115Will

      You pathetic ungrateful sack of shit. This was done manga panel by Panel. Go kys. Episode was amazing. Quit watching it if you don’t like it.

      • Fers

        lol someones a bit touchy

      • Ceeias

        jesus calm down

      • Eric Lefebvre

        Aww the little nerd is tilted because the season for now is complete garbage and he can’t accept it, awww… Shut yo ass up little loser 🙂

        • Element115Will

          Awww little queer. Why don’t you fucking kill yourself and join your dead grandparents in hell.

          • Darketsu

            Dude you really need help

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            What are guys fighting over

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            Careful guys, push him too far and he might be the next school shooter.

          • Adam Sama

            You’re aware that you can be arrested just for saying this shit right?

        • Masked Killer77

          It’s not stfu kid 😂😂

        • killua

          its actually garbage and a waste of time, even the cliff hangers are trash cliff my ass fuckin retards

          • SwordOfDamocles

            It’s not great. I had the same experience with Death March anime. So excited but it didnt turn out as well as I hoped. Still better than nothing tho

          • LitleKen_Jeager

            u a really ungrateful little shit,why would u even watch anime if you cant appreciate even the bit of it?(just saying not mad not whtever)i say,this anime is great but also shitt but i atleast appreciate it and having fun watching it.

          • Ty Uchiha

            If it’s a waste of time stop watching it shitbrains

        • ruslans

          well your kinda rude. Im whit element im a big fan of tokyo ghoul and i dont think this is shit or garbage for now its actualy interesting every episode

        • Magnerath

          No one asked your opinion you shithead your just some useless pathetic junk watching this anime and saying its shit? The creators are working hard for yu cunts and you throw it back at them? If your here to complain do it somewhere else yu piece of shit

        • Diamond Dash

          Why is everyone fighting over Some anime..? Get help guys

      • Big Chill

        You sound 5.

        • LINKIN ARYAN

          i dont think 5 years old r this crazy

          • SwordOfDamocles

            5 year old with the vocabulary and hormones of a 16 year old?

      • Fahim Auditore

        holy Shit, calm down you sadistic satan!

      • SwordOfDamocles

        I agree with everyone else. It’s not great, but still glad it’s there

      • SwordOfDamocles

        Also dude take a chill pill

      • Sade

        Dude I get that you love this anime and you want to defend it from trolls or whateva but you don’t need to be so aggressive with your comments, I’m sure you were kidding though…at least I hope so.

    • Ger

      The animation is what honestly makes it lame, so many “animation hacks” they try to pull off. Comes out as lazy.

      • Legs002

        I prefer the animation from season 1 and 2, but I like how RE follows the manga

        • ruslans

          the first and second season folows the manga too Tokyo Ghoul was made based of the manga

          • Sabrina Buckner

            the root a screwed it up though

          • Legs002

            Not really. the first half of the first season followed the manga but the anime changed it up by having Kaneki join aogiri. They did keep some major plot points but dumped a lot of the relationships which is a huge draw for me with this series. Still like the anime tho.

          • גיל הלר

            they follow the manga but if you read the tg manga you will see why some of it dosent make sense as they skipped alot of important details like: furuta in normal tg, dr kuno’s lab insted of cochela and the arima vs kaneki fight wich will blend un ti re way better, after this arc we should have the explainaition in the anime but well se if they skip it

          • Big Chill

            The second season didn’t follow the manga.

    • Siren Ce Ďar Gyges

      Truly said

    • SwordOfDamocles

      Ikr. Kinda disappointed with this season. Hope it improves, but until then, I’ll just watch

      FYI: it’s fine to have that opinion, but don’t say it so extremely. You may get people upset. Think of it this way; a Christian goes into a building full of atheists. You don’t openly shout out loud repeatedly that your a Christian because it could piss he other party off. Everyone is free to their own opinions, just try to keep that in mind 🙂

      • LitleKen_Jeager

        yea i like dis dude

    • Magnerath

      If you dont like it you sac of shit dont watch it the creators of the anime worked their asses off and your here saying it lame? Do us a favour and kys

    • Asuka

      how can u even fuckign say its lame, fuck you.

  • Yuko Mitsuketa

    Question, what manga episode does this end on? I don’t wanna spoil it too much 😀

    • Stark

      ending of this episode is up to chapter 25 (25 included)

    • Malik Wiltz

      When will haise get cool with his old self kaneki

  • Lanz Randel Layos Macaspac

    Episode 6!!!
    I cant wait for the Next Episode AGAIN😭

  • PgT Presents

    OH my God we finally get to see MUTSUKI’S kagune in the next ep yessz
    Cant wait though hehe

    • Sebastian Hamkari-villa

      I know right I cant wait to see what it is >:3

  • xXRampage831

    now lets wait an other 6 days oOf

    • ma nam e jeff

      life is the worst place to live in

  • b3a$tM0de

    Way to go kaneki is gonna lose it and boom shredded All tho i wished everyone knew he wasnt fake

  • Lanz Randel Layos Macaspac

    Both who are Really Good People When they are still Human….And did nothing wrong to have a Life they don’t want to have
    Now they Fight each other with the same Experience…😢

    • Vrtxmlkywy

      So is Takizawa like the new “Owl” or something? i understand that he was an investigator before, but i have not read the manga yet and am regretting it. He seems to kind of have the owls abilities, and i don’t know what happened to the grandpa…

      • SantyK

        He was one of the 2 people kureo mado fell in love with in season 2

      • DuneSeige

        Takizawa isn’t the Owl and I’m not sure why he was called that, the real Owl is Takasuki (Yoshimura/grandpa’s daughter). I believe it was the end credit scene on season 2 episode 11 that showed the Owl (Takasuki) regurgitating Yoshimura (grandpa) and showing that he was still alive. So I’m guessing that he’s being held captive by the Aogiri Tree.

        • LitleKen_Jeager

          well he is the reborn owl mybe?

          • Shadow


          • Dune

            We can’t be sure until he actually does the transformation thing with the one eye.

        • Shadow

          Takizawa is owl (new one)

          • Dune


      • Angel Wings1995

        He died from his daughter eto devouring him in season 2

        • Shadow

          No she ate him and threw him up l. Like a bird…..Cuz she’s an owl they are using his kagune to make humans ghouls (takizaw)

  • Natsu Dragneel

    next episode = hype

    • Sebastian Hamkari-villa

      100% HYPE

  • Fers

    Im starting to get mad at these cliffhangers dude.

    Every episode man, I WANT MORE!

    • larryortiz12

      These cliffhangers are just so amazing. I can’t wait for the next episode!

    • Zipporah Moore

      I swear

    • Rayuza

      nah the cliff dont bother me. because i come from the manga so the anime is just an extra treat

    • David Gowens

      for real

  • Jedrek Lawrence

    You can download on mobile by tap and holding on the video. It should say “download video”

  • Bitch say whaa?

    this season is soo dissapointing tbh…What kinda corny ending was that?!! The ost also sucks wow i cant believe how theyre trying to ruin tokyo ghoul like this…IM OFFENDED

    • Stark

      you want real tokyo ghoul, read manga – normal and then RE

      • Bitch say whaa?

        Totally agree! heck even the fighting scenes are better in the manga than this crap

  • SwagGhoul

    Wheres Hide?

  • Magic Cunt

    Fuck you Teusday!

  • nyks thom


    • DoggyStuff

      YES!! I AGREE

  • neppy

    Look we can all agree season 1 and 2 were way better especially 2,, I hate how they are trying to go with the manga version now, and how much the animation has changed annoys me Buttt it’s not that bad tbh I mean I’d love it if it was like back in season 2 but the story from season 3 seems to be okay and there are still a lot of blanks I hope by the end their all solved and everybody’s happy based on season 2 I’m sure they won’t stick to the manga that much in the end and bring back that feeling that got us all hooked for season 3

  • neppy

    Oh and fuck cliffhangers =)

  • Sds

    Another cliff hanger ,cool i will wait-great anime🐰

  • Caleb Choi

    Personally I like How this is playing out, although not really interested in specific animations n all, good story with emotion is really all I care about in an anime series. (Trying not to bring other anime here but has anyone seen the trailer for AOT season 3?)

  • ExoGamer

    The manga was better

  • 권기영

    What manga ep does his end off at or start?

  • John Kafer

    Ez Cliffhanger fucksakes

  • arimer gomez


  • The

    Yup this season is real shitty cuz it’s gonna be from 0 to hero as it seems now…But I hope they make it interesting and FUCKING STOP GIVING THE CLIFFHANGERS‼️ Good part always comes at the end 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢

  • DBZ.1989

    I liked the Episode

  • anonperson
  • gelo

    The cliffhangers a torture!

  • Josef

    **Spoilers if you dont watch next episode previews**

    Oh man, so this time he isnt going berserk? That’s neat. I feel so giddy when Haise gets to talk to characters he knew when he was Kaneki.

  • WolfofLore

    Hi…I’m Wolf. I’m good boy! I just want to watch Tokyo Ghoul without arguing how it’s done :3 cause we all know the manga ends soon. Along with the anime of course.

  • Kyoki – 狂気 –

    I would like to help with the translation, because some of the German words that Kanae uses are, no offense, spelled horribly. So me being a native speaker and long year tg and tg :re fan, would like to help you producing the best result possible 🙂

    • Kanae Von Rosewald

      Danke Kyoki~ and if you need any help with German i’m here.

  • Tommy

    Shut your ass up bro if you don’t like it then don’t watch it bro we never asked you for opinion

  • RGM Gaming

    No, fuck these cliff hangers seriously they piss me off

  • FallAwayYT


  • LordFuego
    • Kanae Von Rosewald

      You’ll see him soon I promise Meine Liebste~

  • Last Episode was worst


  • R.I.P Gagi and Guge ._.

  • Sidney Ramirez

    what chapter is this in the Manga

  • Julianna Quevedo

    Y’all need to chill

  • Marko Markovic

    Nice episode 🙂

  • sahal ahmed

    What’s up

  • Damn. This feels like season 1 with the rush of plot and I’d even prefer season 1 because of it’s animation is definitely more fluid than this. I’m still enjoying it though, even if it’s iffy.

  • gloria_the_girl

    Who else can’t wait when hot and scary kaneki returns?😂😂😍Me!!

  • suho

    lol comments section need to damn fucking chill your tits.

  • Kanae Von Rosewald

    Haiße *No-name*, do you know why the rose is beautiful? Because you pluck it before it withers. At the very least, become a beautiful memory for Master Shuu before you…Sterben!

  • DN Zeus Vidzz

    Ghouls is to flesh as Commentors as to New episodes.
    “I WANT MORE!!!!!”

  • bigbubbleHL

    Since I’m german it’S so funny watching her speaking german words :,,D totally wrong spoken (except “Scheiße” ) but so funny XDD

  • LitleKen_Jeager

    kaneki white boy,GO FULL MAD BATSHIT INSANE!!!!!

  • Hinataaaa

    God y’all annoy me. I actually find this season of Tokyo ghoul very well made sorry for all the um ‘credicts’ out there that are calling it trash and shit. All of the anime that I’ve been watching has been the same crap over and over again. At least this one actually changes my pallet for once. Y’all can complain however much you want and say that I’m a little bitch or something probably along those lines . All these comments are frankly annoying the living hell out of me.
    It also doesn’t make sense what so ever why the haters of this TG season are calling it trash and whatever else. HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL WATCHING IT THEN IF YOU GOT TO EPISODE 5 SINCE ITS GARBAGE IS THE REAL QUESTION.
    Yeah whatever people can like and not like anime but god people do some stupid things on the internet.
    Ok rant done 😉

  • Rex

    Omg the cliffhangers are cliffing me

  • Le Anne

    GORGEOUS! I waited for this so long!! need more!!! <33333 Great work!

  • Kanae Von Rosewald

    Can’t wait~

  • David Gowens

    my computer gets collected tomorrow

  • Rianne

    I want the old kaneki back 😭 the kaneki who loved his “family” but was also a badass😭😭


    …… wow…… I came to comments to discuss the episode….. And there’s a full fledged gang fight going on😔…… I’ll just…. Leave thru the back door quietly😞

  • IceBearForLife

    NOTE: I love the anime and the series, i’m not hating on the show, but just expressing my thoughts on the action scenes.

    I’m not gonna be rude here but the action scenes for season 3 are very disappointing. I don’t know what exactly it is, it could be the pace, it could be the lack of actual action rather than someone teleporting to some certain point with blue slashes everywhere (Yes it is cool but they use it in almost every action scene). I think that Pierrot really rushed this one, or just did a not-so-great job with the action, compared to their other seasons.

    Overall I love the show and some of the action scenes are quite well done, but they just aren’t able to meet with the previous season action scenes.

  • roronoa zoro

    are you fucking kidding me don’t you understand bro? why are you so weak? you r kaneki ! K-A-N-E-K-I ! that badass guy people called GANTAI

  • iampotato

    Urie is really starting to become a pain.