Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 4 Subbed

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 4 Subbed

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  • Zenkaiyaba

    when it airs i mean when episode comes on week…?

    • Jatin Dosanjh Jaani


  • Jatin Dosanjh Jaani

    when haise know he isikeneki

    • Leona Terrance

      Wait and watch…

  • Kanae Von Rosewald

    “The sorrows of life, to not be able to live like yourself. The joys of life, to be able to die like yourself. Do I deserve to be happy…”

    • Dont hate on Black Clover

      u gay son.

      • Kanae Von Rosewald

        I’m gay for master Shu

  • Piper Grim

    “The sorrows of life, to run out of cocaine and hookers. The joys of life, to have a hot girlfriend who also enjoys cocaine and hookers. Don’t we all deserve to be happy….”

  • Da Rius

    I dont know why I love this anime so much. I think it’s because there’s cool ideas and so many feelings.

    • denzo68

      with kaneki you find feelings ….. and without him whole series a pieces of shit….

  • Wira Pratama

    why episo de tokyo ghoul re is tuesday why fuck

  • Leona Terrance

    FOUR FUCKING HOURS!!!! *deep breaths”

  • Jerzy Vellinga

    Tokyo Ghoul Re Episode 4 English Sub

  • Ricky Ricardo

    50 mins!!!!

  • Hahi Hemceiz

    it’s added 1 hour again?

    • Kurama

      i don’t think so

  • ARJ Anime

    Tokyo Ghoul Re Episode 4 Enlgish Subbed HD

    • Otaku World


      • Dont hate on Black Clover


      • Big Chill

        A shitting dickhead sounds hot


    Let’s wait hold your horses

  • Law

    One Countdown says 16 and the other one says 11…which is the correct one?

    • Elham Azizi

      One’s for the raw and and wan’s for the sub

  • Otaku World

    Please add download links asap Thanks!

  • Wira Pratama

    omg now

  • Otaku World

    Downloading link please

  • pewpewwiz 347

    i wish i could sleep for a year so that i cant wait another 1 week

  • pewpewwiz 347

    theres nothing

  • jon


  • Trevor Vi Brittania


  • WatRDose

    Hell Yeee

  • Joshua J Kelly

    Tokyo Ghoul Re Episode 4 English Sub HD

  • pewpewwiz 347

    thy is there nothing

  • Adam Ayoub

    me no speak london pls trnstlate

  • Alexander Friedman

    Tokyo Ghoul Re Episode HD 1080p


    Ok lets wait for episode 5

    • denzo68

      yeah no big deal only 7 days……

      • Eric Stóre

        get a life

        • denzo68

          Yeah life only 7 days…..

          • Brix Carriaga

            I lost mine

          • denzo68

            Just share some1

          • Mariah Juarez

            whats a life

        • Dani Paszternák

          Na game, no life…


        7 days of torture

        • Ahad Aziz

          agree xD

      • Ahad Aziz


    • Nama

      Sorry to break this in but, were not getting episode 5 next week. Starting this sunday its golden week in japan for the whole week. And monday is Emperor hirohito’s birthday

      • Ahad Aziz

        YOU FKING KIDDING ME ???????????????????????

        • Nama

          Nope. I am not. I think its a non-working holiday in japan since its the Emperor’s birthday, they need a rest too, ishida-sensei needs a rest for atleast a week.

          • Jay zcs02

            Well i think you’re wrong.. as you can see there’s a countdown

          • Nama

            I dont know. I was confident that there will be no latest updates from any Anime/Manga series out there next week cause other Studios/Mangakas won’t release a new episode/chapters this coming week due to the Golden Week or a public holiday in japan. Also, i got this news to from MyAnimeList forums and Reddit. Sorry. We can just wait for the actual episode to release to confirm it byself.

          • Pieces

            damn it;-;this made meh day bad lol

          • Suvradeep Bala

            if what nama said was true..then next tuesday we’ll just get a little spoiler for the next real ep………the same happened after the 13th ep of boku no hero academia…..the entire team took a leave,,,,,, 🙁

  • jon

    takizawa is cool as shit

    • denzo68


  • Trevor Vi Brittania

    the owl is in the house

  • Trevor Vi Brittania

    damn takizawa is OP!!

  • denzo68

    maybe whole auction thing is suck…. wasting time and episode…

  • WolfofLore

    Hinami! Eto! Juzo kicked ass, like father like daughter (that crazy eye though), and I can’t wait to see what happens bon the Crumbling Night

  • Khembhemhey

    Its so amazing

  • Star Guardian Ahri

    They ruined Tokyo Ghoul. These new characters are so unnecessary and Haise is just so disappointing. I just wanted to see Touka and Kaneki. Only reason I’m watching is there is a chance that Haise will turn to Kaneki and he probably will.

    • Ziones552

      Why does that matter its about of the series and the new characters play important rules so sorry but get used to it

  • Haise Sasaki


  • nandeska ?

    what episode 5 is next week?!?!?!?!?!

  • nandeska ?


  • nandeska ?

    that sucks hardcore…

  • Kaneki_Ken22


    • Pieces

      OMG WHERE?

      • Marius Schreiner

        Under a chair or smth

        • Karxma

          scarecrow is hide

    • roronoa zoro

      i knew it yeaaaahh he is alive

  • Musa Duman

    this is the same plot with manga and they dont jump chapters right??i feel like around 60 chapters of manga finished in 4 episodes of anime

    • bigboiz

      it’s not quite that fast but the pacing is quick af

  • FairyTailMemes

    I want the old Kaneki back😞

    • Ahad Aziz

      same XD hes badass

    • Echoing Rime

      As a manga reader, incoming minor spoiler

      He’s coming back in a few eps temporarily

      • unexxy


      • Leona Terrance

        I’m a manga reader… I don’t understand, he’s not coming back yet?!
        Are you talking about the mask thing?

    • ErzaFernandes14

      Yeah,me too.

    • Legs000

      I like Haise but I know he’s not long for this world, so I won’t pine for the inevitable. Instead I’ll enjoy Haise while I can.

    • Rayuza

      Its still to far from that happening. it will happen just not know.

  • shumeruka

    seeing hinami and ayato makes me happy

  • Josef

    FYI for anyone thinking Kaneki is coming back: No, not until the season finale or if there is gonna be multiplie seasons of Re, until the end of Re.

  • I want more psychopath Juuzou……and now that he has black hair he also has to change his dress code…More goth style…..XXD I liked Takyzawa….Very hot indeed !!!

    • Sip

      Losing Shinohara forced Juuzou to mature somewhat. From that point on in the story he gets a better resolve and begins to blossom as the excellent leader and investigator he’s always had the potential to be (even despite the fact that everyone in the CCG hated him originally)

      • Yeah….Shinohara was like a father to him…..But still…..serious dress code doesn’t fit to Juuzou we all know……He should be better on leathers…..That is Juuzou !!! Wild and incompatible !!!

  • فارس القريناوي

    who like me feel that the episodes are not conected to each other…the end of the episode and the beguning of the next one are not conected at all!!!!

  • Kyoki – 狂気 –

    Kanae speaks German and both the voice actor and the sub at one point, fucked that up pretty badly.

    • Kanae Von Rosewald

      That is so true, diese Idioten.

  • Hyun Park


    • Dont hate on Black Clover

      spoiler alert


      • juzobot

        It’s not much of a spoiler, they literally say his last name Takizawa

    • Dont hate on Black Clover

      season 2 is gay don’t believe most of it because it is made up by the shity anime staff and its just for the cash
      , the only thing i like about season two is the ending song, its pretty lit, but that is seido. yes.

  • Dont hate on Black Clover
  • Dumbass Vlogger

    nothing happend in this episode ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WHERE THE FUCK IS MY OVERPOWERED MC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Zetina


  • FrailZ DoesStuff

    i hate this stupid fuckin cliffhanger

  • Yanase Ayumu

    where can I download it ?

    • juzobot

      Not trying to spoil but he was somewhere in the auction scenes 😉

      • iiFruitz_SF

        basically spoiled

      • Pieces

        WHERE…I DIDNT SEE </3

      • Sip


  • WolfofLore


  • Hristijan Jovanovic

    Tokyo Ghoul is ruined… Fuck this shit///

    • Gabriel Durand

      Okay doomsayer.

  • Araich Zedlav

    i don’t know but i’m a bit disappointed in the way they animated :re, like haise’s face is too feminine, juzo’s face is a bit i don’t know(i know it’s been three years time skip but ehh) and why am i only noticing now that akira’s eye color is different from season 2 dafuq……
    i know i’m just being an ungrateful bitch but yeah just needed to get that off my chest..
    i guess i just need to adapt to it nothing much that i can do about it anyway, so yeah, yeah, (don’t mind me..)

  • Yash Veer

    Awesome as hell

  • moustafa emad

    the one who wished death more than anyone else was the grimreaper him self you know what i mean if you red the manga

  • Sem Seno Primer

    can you help me where can i find the epesode 5

  • Nebula

    The Best Part of This whole 24 minute episode was the 10 seconds in which we got to see Owl Takizawa. Everything else was garbage. Fights are of low quality, we get to see haise for like 2 seconds before we get 5 minutes of some random investigaotrs nobody give a shit about, and Juuzo’s part was meant to be badass, but it just looked like shit. The Studio in control of this season is doing an absolute Shite Job in my opinion. Not to mention all the faggots in the comments moaning that they wanna see the old kaneki, but wont spend an hour or so catching up to the Manga. Ps, Yes he fucking comes back, probably in the last episode considering the pace this piece of shit is going, we were meant to see him this episode but they decided to watse our time with a monologue about ‘seeing God’… Ill just stick with the manga. Thats my Rant of the Day. Thank you and Goodbye

    • Ninja Gamer

      It fucking sucks in Toronto my library has only up to vol.3 and even so I had to wait 3 months just to read vol.1,and it’s not like there’s a manga shop where i can but the series.

    • PgT Presents

      Well to be fair the people who doesn’t read manga doesn’t know so you shouldnt call them faggots what if u didnt know what is going to happen and someone calls you a faggot thats unfair, right? Anyway i wish mutsuki would reveal his kagune soon!

      • PgT Presents

        Eyy thats

    • NANI!?

      If you dont like it get lost

  • black reaper kaneki ghoul king
  • AnmMoé

    why nobody’s talking about how creepy is at 24:08???

  • Bella

    I need Episode 5

  • Gabriel Durand

    Damn, I must be the only one who didn’t like old Kaneki that much.

  • Silviu Avram

    This guy

  • ErzaFernandes14

    Where’s hide??Hide is kinda missing.I wish I could see him in the next episode.

  • tbomb233


    • Kanae Von Rosewald

      Hallo mein Lieber^^

      • tbomb233

        i think im an idiot for
        posting that

        • Kanae Von Rosewald

          No your not~

          • tbomb233

            oh i got a reply back

  • Jonathan .Renuard


  • DN Zeus Vidzz

    Juzo became Ai Enma. XD

  • liam whitney


  • Quin Baldago

    I sometimes want tobe in the ghoul side, and the CCG side.

  • wutianming

    Umm, I think the tattoo of Uta is drawn wrongly in episode 4

  • iampotato

    i’m just waiting for kaneki’s 2nd evolution to come back xp.

  • Joshua Villasor Sillacay

    yeah me too :]