Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 10 Subbed

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 10 Subbed

=======>Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 10 Subbed is Online<=======

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    Only nine more minutes

  • WatRDose


  • maximillian periatna


    • Ana Carolina Raffa

      nah, not yet….

    • bruh u lied to me i had hopes up

      • AbrAoM

        he will be back in like 2 episodes just wait. kaneki will wake up

  • maximillian periatna


  • Ninja Rhapsody

    I hope that this will go well…

  • karson

    the wait is killing me …. 5 minutes lmaoo

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  • Ninja Rhapsody

    oh man Amon!

  • Jougan

    Wth this is last weeks ep

    • Element115Will

      No it’s not asshat, refresh.

      • Big Chill

        No it’s not asshat, refresh.

  • Jougan

    Nevermind just refreshed

  • Snk fan


  • Snk fan

    Ace dies in one piece

    • Mohsin Shaikh

      wrong anime

  • The

    Amon survives 😲As expected of kaneki,So he didn’t completely finished off Amon👍.
    Anyway I’m Burhan 😎

  • Roxboy550

    ARGGGHHH!!!!!! Gotta wait for another week or two before he transform into Black Reaper. I’m dying of waiting.

    • Ghouly

      black reaper?

      • Nazar

        SPOILER! Its basically Kaneki pretending to be Haise

        • WinterSweet000


        • Tanzanite

          No need to ruin the fun jeez

        • John Kafer

          ok? not yet lmao next episode m8

        • Legs000

          From his reaper rep, the fact he leaves the Quinx and stops visiting Hinami, I don’t think he’s even trying to be Haise. He’s just using the name.

      • James Smith

        You’ll see haha

      • Blah Bleh

        Yeh Kaneki basically grows a beard and a mustache and uses them as his quinque so he’s called black beard reaper or black reaper for short.

        • Leona Terrance

          Lol you’re throwing a major spoiler here…(I’ve read the manga)😉

        • Eto


          • John Kafer


          • SSJAna

            he/she being sarcastic chill out xD

    • Nazar

      Its going to be awesome

    • Rayuza

      OHOHOH you have no idea

    • Stark

      im afraid my friend that it is going to come in last episode(12) not the next one

      • CaptainCrisp

        Good things there’s 2 seasons coming out this year.

    • XaK

      Did you read the manga too? It is awesome IMO to read first then watch builds anticipation and excitement.

  • Aquaaaaa~~

    Eto looks creepy (/ω\)

  • Yuu

    all their kagune’s is different now wth.

    • Eto

      Because in the manga kagunes are multi colored but in the anime they were just red, but now they’re following the manga instead of the anime

  • The Chiller

    Damn I was rlly wanting haise to find out more about his past

    • Rohan Shakeel

      You are
      Me:kaneki kaneki kanek

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    • Saif Khan

      why dude

    • Kanae Von Rosewald

      JA!! Give her a taste of her own stupid apple with a side of torture and a slow and painful death, like mine

      • Eto

        She is still alive after that hehehe

        • Kanae Von Rosewald

          *glares* Ya, sadly still breathing…you ruined my life and any chance I had with Master Shuu…but you did help me realize how much of a failure and waist of life I am, thank you, I owe you my life~

  • Aditya Iyer

    Tsukiyama looks like light yagami imo

    • Luminositae

      fun fact : both have the same voice actor

  • Big Chill

    Eto looks way better in :Re, than in any other TG series she’s appeared in.

  • Chibuikem Onyebuchi

    Next 2 episodes will be FIRE!!!!

  • Yungdistraction

    Kinda feeling sorry for kanae’s b1tch ass he lookin creepy asf at 22:10

    • Kuroi no Hono

      It’s not a he

      • Kanae Von Rosewald

        Thank you for noticing i’m a girl

        • Kuroi no Hono

          I mean I am experienced with voice actors, and… you are either gay or a girl I just took a bet…

          (kidding I just read the manga)

        • Big Chill


          • Kanae Von Rosewald

            HA, Ich danke dir sehr

          • Big Chill


    • Crow Anims (Cake Mations)

      When you realize it’s a reverse trap

    • Kanae Von Rosewald

      I was tortured!! Just to be beautiful enough for Master Shuu…But i’ll never be beautiful..

      • Yungdistraction

        Dude i mean dUd’et i’m sorry about everything damn I feel bad so bad now I didn’t know you were girl forgive me

        • Kanae Von Rosewald

          It’s ok, the only reason I dress as a boy is because my family was killed when I was still very young so it was up to me to carry out the family name….but, it’s nice to know that someone cares though~

  • Tokyo Ghoul Phan

    I really want kaneki back like jeezzzzzz

  • 13:22 THIS. THIS right here follows the mangascript and never happened in the anime so its not canon. This throwback is bullshit

    • Leona Terrance

      Thats actually canon my friend. Following the manga is canon, not following it is bullshit(season2)

      • I actually meant that the flashback didnt make any sense since it never happened in the anime because root A isnt canon. Sorry for the confusion (edited)

        • Leona Terrance

          That didn’t make sense according to anime. I get you. I understand. RE is actually following the manga so basically they are saying “you aren’t going to understand this shit so go watch the manga part 1 first you lazy asses”

    • Legs000

      I’m confused. How is the manga not canon? Isn’t the manga the original intent? I get that folks who love the anime would be confused but I don’t consider following the author’s intent bullshit.

      • Root a isnt canon, so the flashback is based on nothing since it never happened in the anime. DAMN WHY DO I FIND IT SO HARD TO WRITR PROPERLY

    • Eto

      yeah they’re following the manga and forgetting season 2 ever happened. Good for manga readers bad for anime – onlys

  • Legs000

    Eto is so disturbing. Not only for her strength as the owl but for her penchant for getting into people’s heads and scratching at their hearts. She doesn’t need her kagune when she can kill a spirit and make it work for her. She’s op’d Kanae and pointed him straight at Haise.
    Oh, and Haise has no idea who Shu is. This is gonna be fun.

    • Kanae Von Rosewald

      All I wanted was to be loved…..But that wil never happen….

      • Big Chill


        • Kanae Von Rosewald


    • Eto

      Thats why i love her

  • Kurome Shinzo


  • mirai mei

    kaneki’s hair is returning 2 its original color did anyone notice

    • Legs000

      Ya, he’s supressing his RC cells so his melatonin count is higher

      • That’s when it becomes white not black

        • Legs000

          I don’t think so, Touka asks him why he had that sesame pudding hair and he replies that the doctor said it was because of his RC suppression. Well, hell, now I have to go look it up to make sure

  • dark stiles

    The CCG is killing all my favourite ghouls curse uuuu haise

    • Legs000

      Don’t be bagging on my boy, this is not Haise’s fault.

  • Jam

    Is Tokyo Ghoul: Re gonna end at episode 12 ?

    • tokyo ghoul forever

      ı heard its going to end at episode 24

    • Aksel Renè

      :Re is gonna be 24 episodes long, 12 that we’re getting now, and 12 we’re getting later this year, around october i think it is

  • The UNOPENED Can Of Life

    Haise’s hair is getting more black than white now.

    • devil walker

      i know he will awaken soon im hoping nexy episode 😀

  • Quin Baldago

    Where is the Tsukiyama Shuu I know.

    • Kanae Von Rosewald

      He vanished…just for an ingredient.

  • fumie jo

    the ghouls really didn’t do anything wrong this time curse you ccg

  • Gleb Krat

    well, it was obvious that he would regain his memories at the end of this season. And season 2 is for everething else

  • DMingi

    How many chapter izit actually ? 12 ? But now was already 10 yet …….
    I kinda have no hope ! Tht Haise is so damn loyal to CCG !! GIMME BACK MY KANEKI
    And i need Touka X Kaneki moment ><

  • Bryan Lumapay

    Yey Ep 10 is out yesterday and next 2 weeks… Wait let’s wait for a year or two xD

  • Tanzanite


  • Tanzanite

    There are a lot of spoiler bitches. Innocent fan that doesnt read manga yet, do not scroll down !!!

  • Hallow

    I expect to read some comment.. 😁

  • Stark

    i really like adaptation of Eto in anime, hope they dont fuck up the next 2 episodes

    • Eto

      I will sue if they fuck up eto x kaneki and if they dont put her licking him

      • Stark

        i will join you in your lawsuit for the queen Eto

      • Legs000

        She licks his eye. Genius

        • Eto

          yeah.. that is licking?

          • Legs000

            He sure can take a licking

  • King Link


    • ari

      patience is a virtue. wanna see him that bad read the manga

      • Svet Prostranstva

        where should i start reading ?

        • Eto

          chap 130 of tokyo ghoul then tokyo ghoul re, i would suggest reading it ALL but if you wanna save time you just need to know the ending of tokyo ghoul since season 2 didnt follow the manga

        • ari

          start from the beginning. the manga and the anime are extremely different.

  • Sasori

    Can we not block out the opening plz

  • Kanae Von Rosewald

    HA Master Shuu, I’ll see you in hell my love~


    This was fun cries in corner

  • Kadir Akturk

    ♥ Eto ♥

    That´s all i have to say.

  • Rayuza

    I alrady know all this stuff but to see it animated make s my heart beat

    • Eto


  • himanshu

    Didn’t u guys notice his hair is getting black per episode

  • Eto

    cannot wait for black reaper and more eto

  • ɢεησx̷үゞ黎

    What’s the chapter of this episode in manga?

  • send help

    ahh his hair is turning black again but i really liked the solid white hair from season 1 ToT aHHH

  • IceBearForLife

    When you read the manga it takes so long, then its the polar opposite with anime.

  • Stephanie

    im just waiting for his hair to transform fully to black then ill hype.

  • John Kontogiannis

    this season is getting prettier

  • Mark Caño


  • silver

    So cute

  • iiLucidLynx

    >.< i saw eto again omggg…I really love her voice XD moslty when she's laughing XD